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    Jason Momoa Played A Game Where He Got Soaking Wet And Jesus Fucking Christ

    "SUPER SOAK ME JASON" – me for a full two minutes after seeing this.

    Let's be honest, we're all fans of Jason Momoa, whether it be for his acting skills or for his beautiful face that was sculpted by the hands of angels*.

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images, Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

    *This is just an assumption, although by looking at him I think we can agree it's a pretty accurate one.

    So when Jason Momoa swung by The Tonight Show to hang out with Jimmy Fallon and speak about the new series of Netflix show Frontier, it was already a great day.

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    But little did we know it was actually going to get a lot, lot better.

    Because Jason and Jimmy decided to play a game that involved some water which, in fairness, doesn't sound that exciting... until you realise that this means a very wet Jason Momoa is about to make an appearance.

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    Basically it was a water war where the person that drew the highest card got to soak the other. I don't endorse cheating but at this point I was hoping the game was rigged in Jimmy's favour.

    And thank the gods we didn't have to wait long because Jimmy won the first round.


    It gave us our first knee-buckling moment when Jason did this incredible hair flip.


    Jesus Christ, today is a great day.

    And then it happened again.


    By the third round when Jason was truly soaking, I'm not ashamed to admit that I started having unholy thoughts.


    But even when Jason won a round and got to soak Jimmy, we were still blessed with moments like this.


    Unfortunately Jason Momoa ended up winning so we didn't get to see him completely soaked. Sad times.


    But then we got to see him pumping away so it's not all bad.


    My only question is how do I sign up to get super-soaked by Jason Momoa?


    Just point us to the sign up sheet, Jason!

    You can watch the full video in all its glory here.

    View this video on YouTube

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