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19 Things That Happen In Peterborough During Summer

The summer basically revolves around Ferry Meadows.

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1. You've gone for a picnic in Ferry Meadows.

2. Or if you were somewhere between 15-20, you probably went to definitely not drink alcohol.

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3. Or to swim in the river, because that would be disgusting and unsafe.

4. But as an adult, you probably just went for a walk around the lakes.

5. You played mini-golf at Ferry Meadows too, even if you were shit, which you probably were.

6. When you tired of Ferry Meadows, you might've visited Tallington Lakes, which is basically the same thing only bigger and better.

7. You definitely got a McFlurry from McDonald’s in town and sat outside to eat it in that building thing opposite.

You know, the thing that kind of looks like a church but isn’t because it doesn’t have walls. Anyway, that thing.

8. Or if you were feeling a little more up-market, you went into Queensgate and got an ice cream from Thorntons.

9. You've sat on the grass in front of the cathedral for no real reason other than the sun.

10. And walked through the fountains in Cathedral Square, mostly for the bants.

11. You've been for a drink in Charters because it’s on the water and you can sit outside and that’s cute in summer.

12. Going to the Willow Festival is basically a rule for a summer in Peterborough.

13. And you've probably been to an event of some kind at the Showground.

14. You've gone to Central Park and lamented the fact it’s not actually New York.

15. And summer doesn't officially start until you've Gone to the Lido to dive into waters transported directly from Antartica.

16. You've cycled around part of the Green Wheel, but not all of it because that’s too much and nobody’s a professional athlete.

17. You might've taken a day off from Peterborough and visited the closest beach, so probably Hunstanton or Skegness.

18. Or you've visited Sacrewell Farm even though you don't remotely like farm animals.

19. And at some point you probably went to Wicksteed Park because it’s as close as you can get to Alton Towers without actually having to go to Alton Towers.