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19 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Shit At Everything

You're a little bit shit but not really shit.

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1. OK so let's start with the disclaimer that you're by no means the worst at anything.


2. Which is why you're only a little bit shit, because you're not the actual shittest.


3. You surprise yourself when you find out you're good at something.

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4. But being good at something is usually a fluke that doesn't last.


5. Your friends try to tell you you're not shit at everything but you just don't believe them because they're meant to say that.


6. What's the point in trying if you're going to be shit at it anyway?


7. In school, it sucked because you were kind of bad at like, brainy stuff.

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8. You were never the worst in the class, but you were still kind of bad.


9. And even worse was the fact that you were kind of shit at sporty stuff too.

10. So basically school was just a bit of a shit show for you.

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11. You've given up being jealous of people that are actually good at things though, because who cares?


12. The only time it really sucks being a little shit at everything is when you've got a sibling who's really good at everything.


13. Sometimes you're not sure if you're shit at something or just being lazy.


14. But because you’re a little shit at everything, you just don’t really care what others think.

15. Being shit at things means you're not that optimistic when it comes to doing stuff.

16. And you kind of just expect whatever you're doing to be a little shit anyway.

17. Which is why you're always super happy when things actually turn out OK.


18. In fairness, things turning out OK happens more often than you give yourself credit for.

19. But it's fine to be a little shit at some things because let's face it, who's perfect anyway?