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    Seth Rogen's Latest Photoshoot Has Started A War On Twitter And Everybody Is Thirsty AF

    "I would let this man pick me up by my ponytail and swing me around like a lasso."

    This is a thirst emergency: Seth Rogen is on the latest cover of GQ. I repeat, bearded daddy Seth Rogen is on the latest cover of GQ.

    Sebastian Mader / GQ

    And not only is Seth on the cover looking like *that* but so is his DOG!!!! Hi, Zelda Rogen.

    Sebastian Mader / Twitter: @darth

    Anyway, back to Seth, who looks like he'd send you good morning texts and ask you how your day was.

    Sebastian Mader / GQ

    Of course, because the internet is the internet, it didn't take long for the thirst klaxon to sound far and wide.

    And I think it's fair to say that people aren't coping.

    “Sorry I won’t be able to make it to work today I just realized Seth rogen is hot and I need time to cope”

    They're not coping at all.

    I would let this man pick me up by my ponytail and swing me around like a lasso

    Seth Rogen is daddy in these you can’t tell me I’m wrong

    People think that the glow-up is REAL!

    Now that I’ve seen the Seth Rogen GQ cover shoot, I finally understand the expression “glow up.”

    Of course, the whole thing has started a mini war between those who've only just developed a crush on Seth and those who've had a crush on Seth for a while.

    Everyone just realizing that Seth Rogen is good looking. Me:

    seth rogen has been hot why are y'all acting brand new today

    i have always been attracted to seth rogen, y'all are late

    Facts were spoken.

    if you can’t love seth rogen at his 40 year-old virgin then you don’t get to love him at his long shot

    It wasn't just thirst though — there were jokes, too.

    Seth rogen is gonna be on GTA’s next loading screen

    Especially about Seth's Gucci ashtray, which featured in some of the pictures.

    seth rogen flexing on us w that gucci ash tray:

    I may be rich but I'm not Seth Rogan using a Gucci ashtray rich

    God bless Seth Rogen, his dog, and his Gucci ashtray, amen. You can read the full GQ feature here.

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