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24 Signs Your Best Friend Is The Worst Wingman In The History Of Ever

Do you sense my tone right now? That’s me telling you to stop, for the love of God.

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2. One area they fail in? Being the perfect wingman.

4. For example, you'll be out together and you're trying to really subtly tell them there's a bae at two o'clock and they're like, "OMG WHERE?!"


To make it worse, they don't even just shout this at you, they shout it for the entire club to hear too.

8. Somehow, despite your best friend’s attempts to derail your chances, you manage to start talking to bae.


Your bestie is so blind drunk, however, that they think it's time to make a funny.

13. Like, "My friend here is really amazing in bed."


Thanks for the compliment, friendling, but maybe this wasn't the right moment in my newly formed relationship to spring that one out.

14. Or when your best buddy accidentally drops in that you still live at home with your parents.


Which is absolutely great because who didn't have that on their list of requirements for potential partners?

15. At some point during the night, your best friend probably just point-blank gives up trying to help you out and starts on the "Hey, remember that time when..." stories, which are always a winner.

17. "Remember that work party when you..."

18. It gets to a point where you're like, "DUDE, I love you to bits and this friendship is my fav, but please put a goddamn lid on it."

19. Or have you ever thought that your best friend is otherwise occupied so you can try and horrendously flirt with bae, only for your best friend to literally bounce into the conversation all loud and proud while you're dying inside?

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