21 Secrets About Kim Kardashian That You Wouldn't Know If It Wasn't For Ellen Degeneres

    What secrets has Ellen got Kim to reveal?

    Ellen Degeneres is the queen of talk shows and getting all the inside goss that we're dying to hear. Considering she's good friends with Kim Kardashian, she's found out a ton of secrets and facts about Kim and her family. Here are some of the best...

    1. North was so jealous of Saint when he was born that while Kim was breastfeeding she had to put a milk box with a straw in her bra for North to drink out of.

    2. Kim revealed that after the incident in Paris she's no longer materialistic, and she's happy that version of herself is raising her kids.

    3. She also revealed that she regretted not having security 24/7 while travelling, and that following the incident she needed several guards outside her door just "to be able to sleep".

    4. Although she's never walked in on Kris ~with a guy~ Kim says that she's heard her from downstairs.

    5. Kanye West was playing Connect 4 with his friends while Chicago was being born.

    6. When Kim was pregnant with North, Kourtney gave her the book, What To Expect When You're Expecting. Kim found it traumatising and gave it back.

    7. After the birth of North, Kim revealed that Kanye wasn't a "diaper changing kinda guy" but that she loved doing it.

    8. Kim got in trouble with the TSA when she tweeted about sitting next to an air marshal while she was still on the plane.

    9. When Kim was a teenager and working in her dad's office, she used to slack off by playing Family Feud online.

    10. Kim told Ellen that she caught Caitlyn dressed up as a woman 13 years before her transition. Kim, who was 21 at the time, packed a bag and ran to Kourtney's in shock because she "didn't know what it meant".

    11. Kim also revealed that she and Kourtney spent the weekend looking up old Oprah episodes to try and make sense of everything.

    12. Kim got caught completely naked by Kendall, Kylie, and all of their friends when they walked in on her getting a spray tan.

    13. Kim revealed that although she'd snuck people into her bedroom without her mum knowing, it was actually Khloé who did it most often.

    14. Before they settled on Saint, Kim said that she liked the name "Easton West" for her second child.

    15. Three years ago a psychic emailed Kim telling her that she'd have twins in 2018. In response, she told him to lose her email address.

    16. When Kourtney and Kim appeared on Ellen together in 2011, Kim confessed that she sometimes cringes at the way her sisters act on KUWTK.

    17. Kim deletes her text messages.

    18. Kim said that she and Kanye try to live by the rule that they don't use their phones first thing in the morning.

    19. Kim admitted to forging Kris Jenner's signature in the past.

    20. When asked what they thought about the Kardashian SNL skits, Kim said that she thought they were funny. Kourtney, however, said that while it was an honour, they could've been better.

    21. And finally, for her 37th birthday Kim said that all she wanted was to rent out Ralphs, an American supermarket, for an hour so she could put her kids in the cart and shop for groceries.