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    Ryan Reynolds Just Drank A Cocktail Of "Blood", Bone Broth, And Gin And Yeah, It's As Gross As It Sounds

    Bottoms up, I guess...

    I don't want to be rude or offensive, but Ryan Reynolds is an odd old chap if I'm being completely honest.

    Now let me explain, because I haven't always thought that. But after seeing Ryan voluntarily drink a cocktail which included ingredients such as "blood" and "bone broth", I'm starting to re-evaluate my original thoughts.

    In case you're wondering what on Earth I'm talking about, Ryan recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show, where he was promoting Aviation American Gin, the company he's just invested in.

    So to celebrate, Ryan and Jimmy Fallon decided to play a game of Drinko, where the pair would mix the gin with other questionable ingredients. Options included clam juice, bone broth, and "blood". I'm sure you'll agree they all go fantastically with your favourite cocktails.

    On his first attempt, Ryan scored a pretty OK combination of twinkies and grape soda, which he had to mix with the gin and drink. Even though it could've been worse, it still looked gross.

    With Ryan having necked it back like a champ though, Jimmy had to follow suit. Except Jimmy managed to get twinkies and horseradish, which when mixed with gin makes a hot damn mess.

    But Jimmy said bottoms up and downed the glass... and then threw it up in a bucket. Lovely.

    For the final round, Ryan and Jimmy did it together. The ingredients this time were grape soda and kombucha (apparently this is fermented tea). But not content with that pretty gross concoction, Ryan decided to add a couple more ingredients.

    So he picked up bone broth, bacon, egg, and cheese... and blood. Whether it was actually blood is neither here nor there, he still picked it!

    Now do you see why I was calling Ryan an odd old chap?

    But it gets worse, because instead of adding the gin to dilute the cocktail, Ryan just threw it back without it.

    Judging by his face, we can assume that wasn't a great idea.

    Jimmy is literally all of us right now.

    So there you have it, Ryan Reynolds drinking a cocktail of questionable ingredients. Want to see the clip for yourself? I don't know why you'd want to put yourself through that, but here you go!

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