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    The Internet Has Lost Its Damn Mind About The New Pink iPhone

    Take the money. Take all the money.

    Yesterday, Apple announced a pink iPhone at its live event...

    the pink iPhone 6s😱😍😍

    ...and the internet seems pretty happy about it.

    Pink iphone. Just take my money. Take it all. #AppleEvent


    Apple is actually trying to tell everybody the new phone is "rose gold" but the internet just isn't falling for it.

    Apple tryna sell this pink iPhone calling it rose gold nah fam that's pink lol

    Seriously though, it's pink.

    Either way, most of Twitter basically just wanted to give Apple all of their money.

    Literally every last cent, penny, dollar, and pound.

    A pink iPhone? Are you kidding me Apple? WOW. WOW. Take all my money already. Just take it.

    me trying to calculate if i can afford the iPhone 6S pink

    But some just weren't buying into the hype, at all.

    The biggest demographic of pink iPhone buyers will be girls whose names end with an "i." #AppleEvent

    am i the one who doesnt want the pink iphone

    Others were prepared to take things too far just to get their hands on it.

    I’m getting the pink iPhone #fightme

    gotta get the iphone 6s rose gold... LIKE ITS PINK 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Even those that hated pink (how could you?) were on board.

    Not gonna lie I really dislike the colour pink but the pink iPhone looks cute af and I really want it

    There were some questionable motives for buying something so expensive.

    Yeah i want that iPhone 6s in pink, it's so tumblr πŸ˜‚

    That's one expensive Tumblr prop.

    Some were looking into their own futures.

    dis gon be me when I get the iPhone 6s in pink

    Others were looking into the future of their parents' and their best interests.

    so if i get the rose gold iphone 6s at the end of the year it means my dad would end up with a pink phone in 2 years. okay then haha

    While others dragged viral Vines into the situation.

    me trying to get a cute new pink iphone

    Some people were torn about whether the colour of their iPhone gave too much away.

    i want the pink iPhone so bad but i don't want people knowing i bottom

    And some just wanted answers to the important questions in life.

    is harry styles gonna get a pink iphone 6s tho

    But here's a secret – the pink iPhone has been around for years!

    @ everyone freaking out about the new pink iphone: it's called a motorolla razr and it's been around for years

    Soz Apple.