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Lin-Manuel And Riz Ahmed Just Shared A Lol On Twitter And It Was Cute

"Lemme know if you wanna split son duties."

Riz Ahmed went to the BAFTAs tonight. Here he is, looking all handsome.

Lin-Manuel Miranda also went to the BAFTAs tonight. Here he also is, looking like he's having the time of life.

Lin-Manuel's been pretty active on Twitter about his night so far, and tweeted a picture of Riz, who'd brought his mum along to the awards ceremony.

My 🇬🇧twin @rizmc brought his mum. #BAFTAs

I know, cute AF.

Riz then replied, basically saying Lin-Manuel could share son duties if he wanted.

Awwwwww. Now excuse me while I go and think about being the filling to a Riz and Lin-Manuel sandwich.