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    Posted on Sep 21, 2016

    21 People Who Are 100% Over Their Ex And Want Them To Know About It

    No grudge here – just love and memories.

    1. When you don't believe in PDA but you made an exception for your ex.

    rare picture of me holding hands, walking with my ex

    2. When you think back to all the romantic dates you and your ex had together.

    #tbt to me and my ex 😍😍😍😘👰🏾

    3. And all the pictures you still have.

    4. Sometimes you debate getting back with your ex but you always end up at square one again.

    5. There were a lot of good times with your ex.

    6. And you sometimes miss their love and affection.

    7. And the adventures you took together.

    Here's a photo of me with my ex. 💩💩💩💩

    8. Let's be honest, at one time you and your ex were the cutest couple around.

    9. And you did everything together.

    They caught me dancing with my ex.

    10. Even if it did eventually turn to shit.

    11. You still see each other from time to time, and take a picture for old time's sake.

    12. But it always ends with one of you not wanting to let go.

    Chillen with my ex but she won't let me go 🐍

    13. Now you're not with your ex, there can be no more summery photos for the 'gram.

    14. But on the bright side, you don't have to keep retaking selfies because your ex was acting like an ass.

    Hey look. A picture of me with my ex. 😂 #jackass

    15. Your family miss your ex, which makes things harder, but you know you have to move on.

    16. So there'll be no more cute pictures together.

    17. No more hugs and kisses.

    throwback pic of me with my ex :)

    18. But you'll always have the pictures you took to remind you of the good times.

    19. There's actually nothing worse than bumping into more than one ex at the same time.

    When u run into all your exes hanging out together

    20. And you know there's no going back when your exes start becoming friends with one another.

    21. But it's cool, because they're all clowns and you've moved on.

    Never expected to see a picture of all my exes together in the same setting like this

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