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    The Top "Pornhub Gay" Searches In The UK Vs. The US

    What has everybody been searching?

    Pornhub just released its stats about the top searches on its Pornhub Gay section in the UK and it's pretty interesting.

    The stats look at gay men categories, in particular the most viewed categories and most popular searches.

    The data shows that straight men dominate the top searches in the UK, with "straight first time", "straight", and "straight friend" taking the top three places.

    Searches with the term "straight" appear five times in the list altogether, with "twink" and "British" rounding out the top five.

    This is in comparison to the United States, where "straight first time" still takes the top position, but "big black dick" and "black" finish off the top three.

    The most viewed categories in the UK are also revealed, with "straight guys", "black", and "daddy" taking the top three spots.

    While in the United States, "black", "straight guys", and "bareback" make up the top three.

    A map of the most viewed gay categories in the United States is pretty simply divided into "straight guys" and "black".

    Although when the data was broken down into relative search terms – meaning the most distinct search terms by state – some additional insights were revealed.

    In comparison to the rest of the world, the "fetish" category is 48% more popular in the UK, while "twink" is 45% and "straight guys" is 23% more popular.

    This is in comparison to the top gay searches in the UK, where "British chav" is 1,196% more popular than in the rest of the world, and "chav" is 1,185% more popular.

    So yeah, yay gay porn!