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    24 Things That Prove The Struggle Is Real When You Move Back Home

    Is the free food even worth it? Is it even free anymore?

    1. You'll be lucky if your bedroom hasn't been turned into your sister's walk-in wardrobe or your mum's gym.

    2. You'll probably believe the move back home is only short-term.

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    It probably isn't.

    3. Any 'adult items' you picked up while you weren't living at home now need to be stored in a secure hiding place.

    Do you mind if I hide my vibrator in your man bun? No one will ever look for it there.

    4. You probably can't sleep in your own bed rent free.

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    5. Privacy? What is this foreign concept you speak of?

    6. Despite it being your bedroom, your parents will insist it be tidy because it's "in our house".

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    7. You'll still be treated like you're a four year old who can't cross the road alone.


    8. But you'll also be expected to be a responsible person with a job and like, other adult things.

    i just missed my mouth and spilled orange juice all down my face i'm not ready to be an adult

    9. Your parents will want to know where you're going every time you go out.

    10. More importantly, you'll be expected to tell them who you're meeting before you step out the door.

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    11. Dating will be impossible because it's not cool to say "do you want to come back to mine? We can sit in the living room with my mum and dad".

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    12. No sex. Ever.

    This is like the perfect weather to have great sex too bad I live with my parents and can't get laid xxxx

    13. If you do have sex, making sure there is zero noise will make it more of a chore than a joy.

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    14. Guys, you'll probably get caught doing the five-knuckle shuffle.

    Mother caught me masturbating this is a first I'll go die now

    15. You suddenly have to willingly share everything in the fridge.

    16. Going to the bathroom in the dead of night requires meticulous training and preparation.

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    17. You can't have romantic candlelit baths at weird times of the night.

    You probably never take a bath at 4am, but it's nice to have the option.

    18. Your private conversations with your friends will become a three-way phone call because your mum will have her ear at the door.


    19. You can't host a pre-drinks party without your parents being on a mission to humiliate you.

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    No Mum, they don't want to see my naked baby pictures, stop.

    20. Even when the volume is on 1, your parents will still complain it's too loud.

    My dad made me turn off the tv in my room cause it's too loud but his tv sounds like the surround sound is on πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

    21. If you're the youngest sibling, you'll be compared to the eldest, who's probably a big deal and success somewhere else.


    22. If you're the eldest sibling, you'll probably have to desist from putting your sibling's head down the toilet.

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    23. Your mum won't want you to leave again – if you go, she'll have to buy an actual dishwasher.

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    24. When you finally move out, you'll probably want to go back.

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    You'll miss it when you're gone!