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    People Are Searching For "Pizza That Ass" On Pornhub Because Why Not?

    You know you want a pizza the action.

    It's the typical porn cliché: The pizza delivery guy shows up at your door but you don't have the money to pay, so what are you gonna do? Bang him, of course.

    To make it clear, that was a hypothetical porn situation. I do not encourage you to actually try this IRL.

    And right now, Pornhub is saying there's been a massive increase in pizza porn searches.

    It's not really a surprise: 2016 has been a shitshow, we need something to cheer us up.

    Pornhub's data shows that "pizza delivery" is the most popular search for pizza lovers, with "tips or tits pizza", "pizza cum", and "pizza that ass" also making the list.

    If I'm being honest, "pizza that ass" should've been higher just for the incredible pun. It's probably best not to ask what "pizza cum" is though.

    In terms of worldwide popularity, pizza porn is most popular in Romania, South Korea, and India, while it's least popular in Japan, Czech Republic, and Uruguay.

    In terms of who's searching, Pornhub claims men are 23% more likely to search for pizza porn compared to women, and that searching for pizza porn decreases the older you get.

    The 65+ category just aren't interested in pizza anymore.

    So there you have it, people like their pizza with a bit of extra meat.

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    But how do you feel about pizza porn?
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