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22 Times Tumblr Was Petty AF

When the petty "K" comes out to the play.

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1. When you have to make a vital decision every morning.

2. When you check the weather for the day ahead.

3. When you save every little thing so you can pull it back out and use it in an argument later.

4. When your heart is broken so you hit them where it hurts.

5. When you don't have any other comeback so you resort to petty.

6. When they text you in the morning like they weren't acting up the night before.

7. When you're 80 and the petty still hasn't left your bloodstream.

8. When you decide you all have to be in this together.

9. When you're left at home alone.

10. When you follow their orders just to be petty.

11. When you need proof that they're not lying.

12. When you get her what she really needs in this life.

13. When you love to read.

14. When you give someone a chance to back the fuck up.

15. When you're trying to pep-talk the petty out of you.

16. When you miss your favourite band so much it makes you sad.

17. When the petty "K" comes out to the play.

18. When you've been holding it in and the chance finally arises.

19. When you've got no time for those phone call games.

20. When you still don't know her.

21. When you finally find a place for you and your pettiness to reside.

22. When not even death can stop you being petty.