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Posted on Jun 20, 2017

A Footballer Made A Joke, 111,000 People Laughed, And I'm Still Confused

What is happening?

Twitter can be a strange place, especially when certain jokes go viral and you're not really sure why. Example A:

You already know what the fuck is going on

Which brings us to yesterday evening, when footballer Peter Crouch tweeted a simple picture of himself feeding two giraffes in the sun.

Summer for me is about time with family .

I mean, it doesn't sound very funny so far but stick with me.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary, except the tweet has over 100,000 retweets and over 200,000 likes, and that's in less than 24 hours!

Peter Crouch himself only has 259,000 followers, which OK that's a goddamn lot of people, but not quite enough to bring out over 100K retweets.

Twitter: @petercrouch

In comparison, Katy Perry, who is the most followed person on Twitter with over 100m followers, gathers around 2,000 retweets for an average tweet.

OK so to get you in on the joke, here's the lowdown: Peter Crouch is known to be really fucking tall. Like, 6'7" tall. And he's standing next to two giraffes, which are also known to be very tall. Get it? Are you laughing yet?

Twitter: @petercrouch

Oh come on, that's a good joke. Kind of. Like, enough to give you a little giggle at least?

All I'm saying is, nobody likes to feel left out and 111,000 people clearly thought this was funny so just laugh, pretend you know what's happening, and move on.

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