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No, Pete Davidson Didn't Just Tell The World About Ariana Grande Giving Him A Blowjob

The video from 2015 shows Pete talking about a girl "swallowing" for the first time before saying: "I thought only porn stars did that...They're just terrible people."

Since May when they began dating, not a week has gone by without people talking about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's relationship.

It's moved pretty quickly, with the couple announcing they were engaged not long after getting together. But they seem really happy, so good for them.

And when recently asked about his relationship with Ariana, Pete said that his "dick's forever hard" so I guess it's clear he's in a good place right now.

But recently, a video emerged on Twitter that appeared to show Pete discussing Ariana giving him a blowjob and, for want of a better word, swallowing.


It started when Charlamagne tha God said, "You tell a good story about when a girl swallowed your cum for the first time." Pete responded:

That had never happened to me before until I met the love of my life. I didn't know that girls did that because I'm a young guy. When that happened I was like...[laughs] wow. I was like "wow, I love you". I thought just porn stars did that, I didn't know that human, real girls do that. They're just terrible people, I just figured that's their purpose.

But the stories didn't end there, with Pete going on to talk about having an asthma attack during one of the first times he had sex with the same woman.

Naturally people saw the video – which in one instance had been retweeted more than 70,000 times – and assumed Pete was talking about Ariana.

so pete davidson fell in love with ariana grande bc she was the first girl to ever swallow his cum ? modern romance isnt dead i guess

@kissysrem @KarlousM nigga WHAT???? This gotta be why she wrote God is a Woman, she saved his life

@kissysrem He really just let the world know Ariana swallows?

And as you can expect, people were shook.

@kissysrem @CosmicCorn96 My baby giving dudes asthma attacks in bed bro

@kissysrem My girl Ari is putting it DOWN in the bedroom and I’m here for it. She changed this mans life💀

@kissysrem so what i’m hearing is ARI A REAL FREAK

But actually the video comes from an interview that Pete did in 2015 on The Breakfast Club. He didn't even meet Ariana until 2016, when she made an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

However, while a lot of people were distracted by the subject of the stories, others were more concerned with Pete's view on porn stars, and in particular his statement that they're "terrible people" whose "purpose" is to swallow.

And on top of that, another video from the same interview emerged. When asked if he was dating a black woman, Pete replied, "No. She yells at me like a black woman" referring to his girlfriend at the time.

Pete Davidson stereotyping black women as angry.

When the interviewer, a black woman, asked how black women yell, Pete responded:

I feel like they're more passionate and honest. I feel like they're very upfront, and I like that. I feel like white people are more not upfront. I feel like we'll be like "is everything OK" and they'll be like "yeah" but it isn't. I feel like a black woman will let you know it's not OK.

Many people weren't happy with what Pete said.

so pete davidson doesn’t like black women and thinks we’re all angry, LMAO alexa play ‘jesus take the wheel’ bc i‘m tired of these racist rats. https://t.co/IEvV0FXXXo

And some questioned why Ariana would want to stay in a relationship with him after the comments reappeared.

Ariana is so fucking ignorant. Who the fuck stays engaged to a man like Pete? Someone who degrades female adult actors, says they’re not human and they’re trash, makes “jokes” about trauma, stereotypes black women, and is just an absolute dickhead. If you support that then SMD

pete davidson stereotyped black women as angry, called sex workers evil people and made fun of the manchester bombing and still hasn’t apologized yet ariana got so mad when someone made fun of his eyes but blew off his joke as “dealing w/ trauma” i like her but this ain’t it

BuzzFeed have reached out to reps of Pete Davidson for comment.

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