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    We Need To Talk About Beyoncé

    Beysus, version 2016, is here for the crown.

    In 2013, our lord and saviour Beyoncé looked down from the heavens and decided to bless us with one of the most flawless albums of all time.

    Parkwood / Columbia

    But although she followed it up with the Platinum Edition box set in 2014, our thirst for B6 wasn't quite quenched.

    In 2015, Beyoncé popped up here and there to remind us of her eternal glory.

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    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

    Like when everybody thought she was skipping the Met Gala but she actually arrived last and did this.

    And that she had more power in her ponytail than the most of the Western world.

    Jamie McCarthy / Getty

    But this is an official announcement: THE QUEEN IS BACK.


    2016 is the year of Beysus.



    And she's not taking any prisoners because her slay game has upgraded to another level.


    Jesus turned water into wine but BEYSUS SNATCHED ALL OUR WIGS.

    Let's start with Lip Sync Battle, when she introduced Beysus to the world again.

    Spike / Via

    Imagine knowing that your strut game will NEVER be weak.

    The Louvre will probably replace the Mona Lisa with a replica of this FLAWLESS weave.


    It's rumoured that just one Beyoncé follicle contains enough magic to cure the world of all evil.

    Basically Beysus left us without chill.




    But it's not like Bey to snatch one wig at a time – she has to take them all at once.

    Which leads us to Formation.

    Parkwood / Columbia

    Basically the world was not ready for Beysus to come stomping into the room.

    Parkwood / Columbia

    We learnt that Beyoncé's superpowers can be passed on through DNA.

    Parkwood / Columbia

    Here's Blue Ivy, looking like she's about to leave Destiny's Child and embark on her solo career.

    And we also learnt the alternative version of the 10 Commandments.

    Parkwood / Columbia

    1. Be Bill Gates.

    2. Unless you can be Beyoncé.

    3. Always be Beyoncé.

    And in the midst of all the slay, the video actually had an important message behind it.

    Parkwood / Columbia

    Then there was the first Beyoncé concert of the year.


    Bey called it the "Super Bowl" and had American football, Coldplay, and Bruno Mars as supporting entertainment.

    Basically it was iconic.


    Jesus apparently walked on water, but Beysus defied gravity, so who's the real Messiah here?


    And if that weren't enough wig snatching, immediately after the concert had finished, the Formation World Tour was announced.

    Take all our coins, queen, take the whole damn purse.

    So if you hadn't already realised, 2016 is the year of Beysus Christ.

    Parkwood / Columbia

    It's her world, we're just lucky enough to live in it.

    In Beysus' name, amen.


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