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23 Things You Learn After Your First Week Living In London

I feel like this rancid hellhole should be much more affordable.

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1. Rent is even more expensive than you expected.

When did the rent in London get SO expensive for rancid hell holes? Rancid hell holes used to be much more affordable.

I'm sorry, how much?

3. If you already have a job, getting to it isn't as quick and easy as you thought it would be.

9. Much like driving, lessons and a license should be required for walking anywhere in London.

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If you don't check your blind spots, you're gonna cause a serious pile up on the pavement.

10. Walking slower than 15mph is comparable to serious crime.

12. There is a McDonald's on every street corner.


14. Oxford and Piccadilly aptly have 'Circus' attached to their names.

Because what we definitely have too much of in Oxford Circus on a Friday afternoon, is space.

16. Arranging to meet someone at the Topshop on Oxford Street is not a good idea.

Chaos isn't a pit or a ladder, it's TopShop Oxford Circus on a Saturday afternoon.

It's not.