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    Posted on Sep 24, 2015

    19 Things You'll Only Understand If All Of Your Friends Are Older Than You

    Nobody puts "Baby" in the corner.

    1. Literally not a day goes by where someone in the group doesn't point out that you're still a baby.

    2. Your friends always moan about how jealous they are of your age.


    3. And how little responsibility you have, even though you have a full time job.


    4. There are a lot of inside jokes that you don't really understand because they're from a TV show that was on air before you were born.


    5. Someone always says: "OMG do you remember that film?" but again, you weren't born so can't really offer an opinion to the conversation.


    6. Planning a holiday together can be a bit of a sticking point.


    Mexico? I was thinking more Skegness.

    7. And it's not just the destination that's a problem. Because they're a little older and richer than you, they want to stay in fancy hotels.

    FremantleMedia Enterprises

    8. You're probably earning considerably less money than they are.


    9. Which doesn't seem like such a big deal until you start planning on doing things as a group.


    10. Like going out for dinner.

    Logo TV

    A happy meal from McDonald's would have been much cheaper.

    11. Or going for fancy-ass drinks.

    Warner Bros

    12. But it's OK, because since you're the youngest, somebody will probably offer to buy you a drink or dinner because they think you're financially incapable.

    Roc Nation

    Probably true.

    13. Being the youngest, everybody automatically assumes that if technology goes wrong, you're the person who'll be able to fix it.

    Being the youngest amongst most of my colleagues & friends often means people assume I know whats going on w/technology & make me fix things

    I have no fucking clue.

    14. A simple night out definitely shows a difference in age.


    15. The first problem is deciding where to go.


    There's a lot of, "Meh, I don't wanna go there, it's full of 18 year olds drinking WKDs."

    16. And deciding what music you want to listen to on the night can be a real debate.


    "Who is this Minaj we speak of?"

    17. But secretly you enjoy being the youngest in the group.


    18. In a way, it's like having older siblings that are there to look out for you.


    19. And seriously, everyone's happy to buy you a drink when you're the youngest because you're adorable and all aww.


    Accept them for as long as you can. It'll all stop soon.

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