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    Nick Kroll Just Split His Pants On TV And The Secondhand Embarrassment Is Real

    "Ohhh...I just fully split my pants."

    Oh, Nick Kroll. Where do I even begin?

    I guess we'll start with the fact that Nick appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the scene of this particular ~situation~ takes place.

    Picture it now: there's Nick, sitting in the hot seat, discussing his latest movie (Uncle Drew) with Kimmel. Everything's going just fine.

    But things quickly took a turn when Nick decided to get up and do a basketball demonstration...

    Spoiler, never get up and do a basketball demonstration when you're wearing kinda tight suit pants.

    Because uhhhh...this might happen.


    To Nick's credit, he seemed somewhat unfazed by the fact his pants split on TV, but that's OK because I'm dying of enough secondhand embarrassment for the both of us.

    To really appreciate the moment, you can see the full clip here:

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