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This Is What The Cast Of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Would Look Like In 2015

Lyst has commissioned an illustrator to imagine what the cast of Fresh Prince would look like in 2015.

To celebrate the 25th birthday of Fresh Prince, Brooklyn based illustrator Leland Foster has imagined what the cast would look like in 2015, and the result is pretty cool.

Lyst / Leland Foster

"The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was so stylish, and so of-its-time as a classic 90s show," said Foster. "The challenge was to make the Banks family relevant and recognisable, while keeping all the energy of these six very different personalities.”

First up, there's Ashley who looks way too cool for school.

Lyst / Leland Foster

That hair and septum ring and outfit. "Don't mind me, wearing Kenzo to school ,NBD."

Then there's Carlton, who somehow manages to look cool even though he's definitely about to burst out into The Carlton.

Lyst / Leland Foster

Those glasses are pretty Inspector Gadget 2015.

Geoffrey looks like the coolest butler in the world ever.

Lyst / Leland Foster

Somehow managing to look fly even ~with~ the apron and cutlery.

Hilary is SLAYING in Moschino.

Lyst / Leland Foster

You just know she strutted off the catwalk like it was nothing.

Phil looks like that uncle that ~everybody~ wants to have, walking round reading the LA Times on his Kindle – soooo 2015.

Lyst / Leland Foster

RIP Uncle Phil :((((

And finally Will, who looks like the coolest hipster EVER.

Lyst / Leland Foster

That outfit is everything, let's be honest. You can't touch him.

Happy 25th birthday Fresh Prince!

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