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    19 Times Chloe From "Geordie Shore" Was Just Like You And Me

    That's what a bad bitch would do. From geordieshorexo

    1. When she used her best chat-up lines to pull.

    2. When she got drunk and thought the whole world was out to get her.

    3. When she climbed into the hot tub with the grace of a ballerina.

    4. When she tried to get into bed after a night out.

    5. When she had to go through the embarrassment of losing her wig.

    6. When the man she liked started kissing somebody else in front of her.

    7. When she didn't like her friend's boyfriend and didn't mind telling it how it was.

    8. When she didn't appreciate excessive pointing.

    9. When the floating lanterns just weren't doing their job.

    10. When she dressed up and was very humble and modest about everybody's compliments.

    11. When she embraced her single status.

    12. When she relied on her skills as a bad bitch to keep the men keen.

    13. When she wanted to show the boys what they were missing.

    14. When she decided to date a new man.

    15. When she needed to wee but couldn't make it to the house.

    16. When she went to Greece and her priority was kebabs.

    17. When she got home drunk and just wanted to raid the fridge.

    18. When she couldn't afford to lose anymore of her marbles but did so for the group.

    19. And finally, when she was maybe a little too excited for a night out with her friends.