Here's A Look Inside 16 Super-Expensive Houses That'll Make You Say "I Need To Be Rich"

    It's time to plot what you can buy when you've earned your millions.

    If you're like me, you're probably a little curious what the inside of a super-expensive house looks like. Well, I went and had a browse through some luxury real estate, and here's what you can buy...if you have a spare £50 million or so lying around.

    1. "The Crown Penthouse", New York City, USA.

    2. "Imperial Loft", Vienna, Austria.

    3. "Makena Road", Hawaii, USA.

    4. "Seafront Villa", Sardinia, Italy.

    5. "Four Peaks Ranch", Colorado, USA.

    6. "Carlton House Terrace", London, UK.

    7. "El Vuelo", California, USA.

    8. "Majestic Villa", Rome, Italy.

    9. "46 Star Island Drive", Miami Beach, USA.

    10. "Stunning mansion in Camp de Mar", Balearic Islands, Spain.

    11. "La Perse", Texas, USA.

    12. "Prestigious apartment overlooking the port", Monaco.

    13. "Masterpiece in Lincoln Park", Chicago, USA.

    14. "Villa Floridiana", Ticino, Switzerland.

    15. "Manhattan's most significant residence", New York City, USA.

    16. "Private Mansion", Paris, France.