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    Here's A Look Inside 16 Super-Expensive Houses That'll Make You Say "I Need To Be Rich"

    It's time to plot what you can buy when you've earned your millions.

    If you're like me, you're probably a little curious what the inside of a super-expensive house looks like. Well, I went and had a browse through some luxury real estate, and here's what you can buy...if you have a spare £50 million or so lying around.


    Below are 16 properties, eight in America and eight in Europe. If you want to see the picture better, you can click on each one to enlarge it and take a closer look.

    1. "The Crown Penthouse", New York City, USA.


    Price: £55,220,409 ($73,800,000)

    • Five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

    • Situated on Fifth Avenue and laid out over three floors.

    • Property includes a private elevator, library, and the option to also buy staff quarters and storage rooms.

    • The "master suite" is made up of seven different rooms.

    2. "Imperial Loft", Vienna, Austria.

    Price: £32,920,956 ($43,997,619)

    • Nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

    • The listing promises "full beauty".

    • Property also boasts "grand high ceilinged rooms" for when you need to entertain guests.

    3. "Makena Road", Hawaii, USA.

    Price: £20,198,848 ($26,995,000)

    • Eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

    • The property includes an outdoor theatre that rises from the decking.

    • Separate pool house offers more bedrooms.

    4. "Seafront Villa", Sardinia, Italy.

    Price: £28,504,534 ($38,095,238)

    • 13 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms.

    • Private boat jetty and sea access.

    • Infinity pool with jacuzzi.

    5. "Four Peaks Ranch", Colorado, USA.

    Price: £43,772,276 ($58,500,000)

    • Seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

    • Property has its own chipping and putting green as well as private labyrinth.

    • Massage room includes a vitamin D–infused sauna and steam room.

    • There's also a saltwater pool with grottos and waterfall.

    6. "Carlton House Terrace", London, UK.

    Price: £35,000,000 ($46,623,152)

    • Four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

    • Penthouse.

    • Neighbours include Buckingham Palace.

    7. "El Vuelo", California, USA.

    Price: £33,652,275 ($44,975,000)

    • Six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

    • As well as the main house, the property includes a guest and staff house.

    • There's also a citrus grove on the included land.

    • Outside there's also a "high tech pool" where you can press a button to lower the water level to reduce splashing while swimming, then press it again to raise the water level so it becomes a "zero edge" pool.

    8. "Majestic Villa", Rome, Italy.

    Price: £26,723,001 ($35,714,286)

    • Eight bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

    • Villa is five stories.

    • Includes terraces and a rooftop with views over Rome.

    9. "46 Star Island Drive", Miami Beach, USA.

    Price: £48,635,862 ($65,000,000)

    • 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

    • The property has more than 40 rooms altogether.

    • Completely renovated in 2016.

    • Comes with a 3,000 bottle wine cellar.

    10. "Stunning mansion in Camp de Mar", Balearic Islands, Spain.

    Price: £36,521,435 ($48,809,524)

    • 10 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

    • The property is made up of three separate houses.

    • There are also several terraces and the land includes olive and other fruit trees.

    11. "La Perse", Texas, USA.

    Price: £22,447,321 ($30,000,000)

    • Seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

    • A "Renaissance masterpiece".

    • Property has a multi-tiered garden.

    • Located in a gated community.

    12. "Prestigious apartment overlooking the port", Monaco.

    Price: £25,386,851 ($33,928,571)

    • Three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

    • Views over the port as well as Formula 1 Grand Prix track.

    • Close to the spa and Monaco Yacht Club.

    13. "Masterpiece in Lincoln Park", Chicago, USA.

    Price: £37,412,202 ($50,000,000)

    • Six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

    • The grounds of the property include multiple fountains, a reflecting pool, and a hand-forged garden pavilion.

    14. "Villa Floridiana", Ticino, Switzerland.

    Price: £21,350,079 ($28,533,578)

    • Seven bedrooms and five bathrooms.

    • Built in 1890.

    • Has views over the lake, mountains, and city.

    • Spread over four floors and divided into two apartments.

    15. "Manhattan's most significant residence", New York City, USA.

    Price: £52,377,082 ($70,000,000)

    • Three bedrooms and four bathrooms.

    • The property takes up one entire floor of the building.

    • Has 360-degree views over Manhattan's best landmarks.

    16. "Private Mansion", Paris, France.

    Price: £16,479,184 ($22,023,810)

    • Property spread over four levels.

    • Planning permission to extend basement.

    • Unobstructed views over Parc Monceau.