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    22 Expensive Items Of Clothing That Are So Ugly, They'll Give You Nightmares

    We do not take responsibility for any damage done to your eyes. You've been warned.

    1. Have you ever had that moment when you can't decide whether to go out wearing cargo trousers or pinstripe trousers? Panic no more, you can wear both at the same time for £1,190.

    2. Alternatively, if you're a dude you can pay £351.34 to look like you're a four year old that's come in from playing in the park and is about to get grounded for ruining their best jeans.

    3. In addition to the jeans, you can also buy the matching jacket for the same price. That's £702.68 for the lot, BARGAIN!

    4. Fancy looking like you've wandered outside in a Scottish sleeping bag? All you need to do is cough up £1,535.

    5. For £500, you can look like you've been caught in a fisherman's net. Good luck trying to escape!

    6. People will find it hard to miss you when you walk outside wearing a block of cheese. Your purse will only be £1,650 lighter.

    7. For the luxury of calling yourself "staff", you'll only need to pay £435. The added bonus is you can maybe get into concerts for free by turning up in this hoodie.

    8. I'm not saying you're paying £3,080 to look like leftovers you've wrapped in tinfoil and put in the fridge for tomorrow, but...

    9. You know when a student is revising for their exams and their books are a mess of post-it notes marking all the pages they think they need? You can look like that book for £410 if you want.

    10. Did you know you can also look like several sweets from a Quality Street tin at the same time? All you've got to do is pay £2,095 for the pleasure.

    11. In 2017, you can pay £165 for a T-shirt that makes you look like you need a first class stamp before the postman tries to shove you through a letterbox.

    12. Why buy regular crocs, also known as the height of fashion, when you can pay £275 for these fancy seaside-looking ones?

    13. For £410, you can actually buy this rubber vest. Unfortunately the T-shirt doesn't come with it, but summer's just around the corner so don't panic!

    14. Do you want to look like you're walking on roadkill? Just pay Gucci £565 and you're off.

    15. For £290 you can let everybody know that you betrayed Jesus. Best not to wear this on a religious holiday.

    16. I personally think paying £3,060 for a bathmat to wrap around your waist is a bit excessive, but each to their own.

    17. To look like either a cow or something that Cruella de Vil wants to make a coat out of, just shell out £2,080 for this jacket.

    18. For £2,095, your legs can look like half-wrapped Christmas presents. A look.

    19. £480 and you'll look like you're ready to go parachuting.

    20. Or £2,030 to look like... this. Oh, btw that's just for the top half, if you want the trousers too, that'll cost you an extra £1,300.

    21. You could get some scissors and go to town on an old T-shirt of yours, or you could spend £425 to buy this one.

    22. And finally, if you want to look like a Christmas tree in May, this jumper is only £1,615. Wonderful.