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    Matthew McConaughey Just Revealed Behind-The-Scenes Details About "Titanic" And It's Really Something

    "The audition went great, I actually did think I had it."

    Everybody knows that Titanic is one of the most iconic movies of all time. Like, that's not an argument, it's just fact.

    And of course, we have Jack and Rose — aka Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet — to thank for that. An iconic duo for an iconic movie, it's only fitting.

    But you may be surprised to know that it wasn't always our main man Leo who was going to take the role of Jack. Nope, it was originally going to be given to Matthew McConaughey. Here he is in the '90s so you can imagine that a little better.

    Really changes things, right?

    In his latest appearance on Watch What Happens Live alongside Anne Hathaway, Matthew got asked about Titanic, and although he was a little coy about the whole thing, he did spill some tea on the drama.

    Asked what his audition with Kate was like and if he thought he would've done a better job than Leo, Matthew laughed. "The audition went really well," he said. "Well enough where when I left I was being glad-handed and slapped on the back like, 'This is what we were looking for, you got it.'"

    Matthew thought the audition went so well, that he even went outside to call his agent and tell them that he'd all but bagged the job.

    But according to Matthew, somewhere along the line James Cameron started a rumour that he'd actually turned down the role, which is how they ended up with Leo. Matthew's reaction to said rumour?

    Matthew swears that he didn't reject Titanic, but speculated that if he was given the role, it would've been his agent who said no on his behalf, and that agent would be in his bad books.

    Poor Matthew! :(

    This isn't the first time McConaughey's opened up about not getting Titanic. Back in November, he appeared on the Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast, where he said "I've got to meet in an alley with that agent" if the offer did come through but was rejected by them.

    And in 2017, Kate Winslet opened up about her audition with Matthew, calling it "fantastic". Interestingly though, when Stephen Colbert said that Paramount wanted McConaughey but James Cameron insisted on Leo, Kate actually nodded.

    You can watch the full clip from Watch What Happens Live here:

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