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    Marvel Just Announced A Ton Of Upcoming Movies And It's Sparked A Debate About Diversity In The MCU

    With diversity sitting front and centre of the MCU's upcoming movies, some people are wondering why it took so long.

    Marvel Studios chose San Diego Comic-Con as the platform to reveal Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, announcing a slate of movies that'll stretch past 2021.

    Included in the presentation were sequels to Thor, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther, as well as a Black Widow prequel movie and a star-studded cast for Eternals.

    But aside from upcoming blockbuster titles, one thing was very clear — the future of Marvel is all about championing diversity more than ever before.

    Phase Four of the MCU will include: a woman Thor in Natalie Portman; an LGBTQ superhero in Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie; women-led movies including Captain Marvel 2 and Black Widow; and an Asian-led superhero movie, Shang-Chi.

    Fans on social media were quick to celebrate the news, noting that everybody should have a character to represent them.

    Honestly I’m so glad to see the amount of diversity marvel is adding to is roster. I hope they’ll continue to add more characters of different races, sexuality’s and gender in the future. I just want everybody to have a marvel character to represent them.


    the diversity that’s in these upcoming marvel shows and shows is so important and wonderful to see. there’s been a real lack of real and accurate representation in the mcu and it’s about bloody time that they stepped the fuck up.

    All I keep thinking about is how theres going to be kids that are going to grow up in Marvel’s next phase and its going to be so beautiful and diverse for them.

    However, others had a slightly different opinion, accusing Marvel of waiting until they were sure diversity could be profitable before committing.

    Ok so I'm not a huge #Marvel fan as it is, but does anyone else feel a *little* icky that in this vast #MCU they didn't care about diversity or representation until phase 3, and then AFTER they made sure it's profitable they announce ALL THE DIVERSITY for #MarvelPhase4?

    I'm happy we have more diversity in phase 4 but I'm not overly about to praise the mcu and marvel studios be they waited until it was profitable to do so

    Others shared their concerns that scenes might get cut or censored so they could be released in some international markets.

    I have a hard time getting excited by the prospect of LGBTQ+ characters & content in Marvel movies when those moments will inevitably be brief & easily removable for international release in places like China and Russia.

    However, some tried to counter this argument by pointing out that while it would've been better if movies like Black Panther had come sooner, it was also good that Marvel was now using its success to promote diversity.

    @ljthomasbooks Marvel didn't have the pull with the audience 10 years ago they do now. It would have been nice if they'd done Black Panther/widow sooner, but I'm fine that they built a powerful brand on their better known characters and are now using their success to promote diversity.

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to Marvel Studios for comment.