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    Mariah Carey's Christmas Day Routine Just Called Me Poor And I'm Absolutely OK With That

    Step one: Fly to Aspen and get in a sleigh pulled by reindeer under a starry night sky, of course.

    Let's just get facts out of the way so we're all on the same page here: Mariah Carey is the unrivalled queen of Christmas. We can all agree on that, right?

    Mat Hayward / Getty Images

    For one, there's "All I Want for Christmas Is You", which is one of the bestselling songs of all time and is apparently responsible for a reported £48 million of Mariah's income.


    She apparently earns around £400,000 every year from the royalties alone, which is a pretty pleasant Christmas gift to receive. It beats coal in your stocking anyway.

    But now, in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan UK, Mariah has revealed her entire Christmas routine, just in case you want to upgrade your own festivities this year.

    Warning: It's as incredibly batshit as you're probably imagining...

    Step one: There are to be NO arguments in the Carey household. Zero. Zilch. Any whiff of drama and Mariah will have her elves* escort you from the premises.

    *I don't know if Mariah actually has elves but it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility when you really think about it.

    "I will only allow a harmonious day in my house," Mariah said. "You have to comply or you can get out. That’s how you avoid the arguments."

    Step two involves slightly more effort than just avoiding drama. Uh, you kind of have to book a flight to Aspen. Oh, and you have to have a driver there to pick you up from the airport, playing your own song of course.

    "When I get off the plane, our drivers have 'All I Want For Christmas' playing, we have hot cocoa and some butterscotch schnapps," Mariah said.

    If you've never recorded your own Christmas smash hit, you'll have to improvise with what music plays in the car.

    If you thought a flight to Aspen was where this routine ends, then I'm sorry to announce that you'll also need to hire a sleigh that is pulled by real reindeers under the starry night sky.

    Sleigh!!! 🎄☃️🦌🎅🏼❤️🎶

    "It's freezing cold but it's beautiful and you’re looking at the stars," Mariah revealed. "It's an incredible moment I love every year."

    I, too, love sleighing through the woods during the Christmas period. You mean you've never done it before?

    Now, is Christmas Eve really Christmas Eve if you don't invite Santa Claus over to your house so you can take pictures with him in front of your 19-foot Christmas tree? It's what Mariah does, so it's the only way to do it, dahling.

    By far, my favourite part of this entire routine is Mariah saying: "I'll encourage everybody to sleep in a little bit later [on Christmas Day morning] because I'm not an early riser."


    She added that "everybody waits for me to get it together" while she finds the perfect festive outfit, which is usually "fun little pyjamas or a onesie".

    You might be shocked to find out that Mariah does indeed cook Christmas dinner. However, she also hires a sous-chef, so you'll have to do that as well if you want a Mariah-approved Christmas Day.

    And finally, you need Christmas music, Christmas films, and games to keep the day fun and entertaining.

    But just remember this important warning:


    If you want to see Mariah's full step-by-step routine in its entirety, you can see it here. Otherwise, start booking those flights to Aspen!