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    People Love This Woman's Reaction To A Guy Saying Feminism Is "Inequality"

    "I believe in equality, but I feel like feminism believes in almost inequality."

    If, like me, you're reality TV obsessed, you might be watching Love Island atm. It's seriously the highlight of the summer.

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    For those who haven't seen it, it's basically a UK reality show where a bunch of guys and girls move into a luxury villa for six weeks in the hope of finding ~love~.

    As you can imagine, there's a ton of drama already, and last night it was Camilla and Jonny's turn to take centre stage when a disagreement about feminism came up.

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    To bring you up to speed, Camilla and Jonny became a "couple" last week and have been getting to know each other. Until last night, things had actually been going pretty well.

    It all started when Jonny said he "wouldn't let" a woman pay on the first date, or on any date, and that he'd feel "almost emasculated" if the woman paid instead.

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    Camilla's reaction said it all...

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    She followed it up by saying that she'd feel "awkward" if she didn't pay half, especially in the initial stages of dating.

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    The conversation then took a quick turn when Jonny asked: "You're a feminist, aren't you?" And when Camilla said "Shouldn't we all be feminists? Surely you believe in equality," Jonny laughed before sharing his opinion.

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    Instead of taking the hint to stop talking, Jonny steamrolled ahead.

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    Camilla pointed out that there had been "several generations that have been preferential to men" and that they needed to redress the balance. This was Jonny's reaction.

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    The conversation concluded when Camilla asked Jonny if he seriously thought women had the same opportunities as men.

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    The exchange clearly upset Camilla, who said: "I feel so stupid, this is exactly why I didn't want to do this, start liking someone before I got to know them."

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    Meanwhile, people on Twitter were reacting to the shitstorm live.

    Jonny: "You're a feminist aren't you?" Camilla: "Shouldn't we all be?" #LoveIsland

    And many clearly disagreed with Jonny's opinions.

    Jonny: I think feminism is inequality and women have more opportunities than men #LoveIsland

    While others applauded Camilla for her reaction.

    camilla standing up for feminism #LoveIsland

    And while some people voiced their disagreement with Camilla, others jumped in to defend her.

    For those who do not seem to understand feminism🙄 Camilla 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 for standing up for women's rights #LoveIsland

    What is wrong with people? How is Camilla overreacting because she doesn't want to date someone who doesn't believe in feminism? #LoveIsland

    Can we stop calling feminism a "difference of opinion", bourbons are better than digestives is an opinion, human rights aren't #LoveIsland

    Seeing men moan about Camilla talking about "something as small" as equality is exactly why we need feminism in the first place. #LoveIsland

    But not everybody agreed with Camilla's reaction.

    Ah that's a shame 😫 I really like camilla but she needs to remember even in a happy couple you still don't agree on everything 🤷‍♀️

    Oh Camilla I adore you but he didn't exactly say he was a nazi

    Or how upset she got after it happened.

    Camilla babe you can't cry because someone has a different opinion to you?? I'm confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ #LoveIsland

    While other people were just left questioning the...important things instead.

    "I can't believe I kissed him not knowing his political views" Camilla I've kissed people and not even known they're name lass #LoveIsland

    Whatever happens next, we can't wait to see how this unfolds!

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