Are You Using Snapchat Like A Normal Person Or Are You Just Weird?

Snapchat nudes: a blessing or a sin?

    1. Pictures of myself with a Snapchat filter
    2. My pet
    3. Any meal I have that looks vaguely pleasing
    4. Drunk nights out
    5. Black or blank screens
    6. Nudes tbh
    1. 1-2 seconds, get it out the way quickly
    2. 3-4 seconds is ok
    3. 5-6 seconds is long enough
    4. 7-8 seconds is a good length
    5. 9-10 seconds, let people look properly
    1. Anything over 10 seconds tbh
    2. Over 30 seconds and I’m out
    3. More than a minute and I’ll give up
    4. More than 2 minutes is just inexcusable
    5. I don’t care, I just watch for however long the story lasts
  1. 4.
    1. A goddamn crime, don’t do that
    2. Yeah, my Snapchats are so good people deserve to see them twice
    1. The dog face
    2. The flower crown
    3. The gold butterflies
    4. The purple neon head thing
    5. I literally love them all
    6. None, I fucking hate all of them
    1. The dog
    2. The flower crown
    3. The gold butterflies
    4. The purple neon head thing
    5. They are all fantastic
    6. All of them, they’re all the worst
    1. Yes of course, who else would it be?
    2. Nope, my BFF on Snapchat and my BFF in real life are different
    1. Of course, why not?
    2. Literally why would you do that?
    1. Absolutely, literally what else could you use it for?
    2. Nope, and anybody that sends nudes is the worst
    1. The “black screen with loud music” person
    2. The “never open my Snapchats in public because this is a nude” person
    3. The “black screen with the time on to show that I’m still awake” person
    4. The “here’s my face with the dog filter again” person
    5. The “my story is 46 minutes long, please watch it” person
    6. The “I will screenshot everything you send me and use it against you” person

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Ben Henry is a staff writer for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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