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Little Mix Managed To Keep Performing While Hilariously Running Away From A Giant Bug

While performing in Arizona recently, Little Mix were joined onstage by a flying bug, and obviously they dealt with it in the most chill way.

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While performing in Arizona on Monday, a massive flying insect made an appearance on the stage and, well, the girls reacted how anybody else would...

After the rather eventful performance, Leigh-Anne tweeted about it from the band's Twitter account.

Cannot believe what just happened on stage..the biggest bug ever just burrowed itself into Jade's mane!! 😩🐞😂 Leigh x

And Jade continued to be haunted by the creepy-crawly the next day.

I can still feel it crawling in my hair 😩😂 #hauntedforlife @live1015phoenix xxjadexx

It's safe to say Little Mix will think twice before another collaboration!

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