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Which Literary Characters Do You Think Shouldn't Have Died?

~cue life-ending tears~

There is always a sense of loss when you finish reading a book.

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Why can't the story continue? Why did it have to leave us like this?

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Fortunately for us, the good guys usually always conquer and SAVE THE WORLD! So we have that at least.


But fairytales stopped being a thing and now at least one good person has to die. This is basically because writers are cruel and heartless and want us to cry real tears.

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We may or may not be pointing fingers at a writer whose name begins with J and ends with K Rowling.

But who do ~you~ think should still be alive in the pages of their book? Which death were you most traumatised by? Basically, WHO SHOULDN'T HAVE DIED!?

Reach into the darkest depths of your soul, have a little root around. This is your chance to stick it to those writers that just want to ruin our lives.

Were you inconsolable when Gatsby was shot?

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But he and Daisy SCOTT FITZGERALD, WHY!?

Or were you asking for Joeffery's head when Ned was cruelly taken from his wife and children?

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He had ~children~ George, how could you do that!?

When you've had a good cry revisiting such traumatic events, sound off in the comments sections below and let us know!

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