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Literally Just 24 Tweets About 2015

Retweet for Netflix and chill, favourite for Donald Trump.


january 2015: this will be my year september 2015: well shit


Listen google, it's 2015. I need you to figure out who I'm talking about when I type "that one guy in that movie I didn't like."


1886: We invented a car! 1903: We invented a plane! 1969: We went to the moon! ... ... ... ... ... ... 2015: Taco Emoji!



"2015 AND PETSMART STILL DOESN'T HAVE FITTING ROOMS," I say somewhat loudly as Fluffy has to try on sweaters right there in the aisle.


2005: We want cell phones to be so tiny 2015: We want cell phones the size of the big rib from the Flintstones intro that tips the car over


The difference between Donald Trump in 2015 and Adolf Hitler in 1922 is


Just saw a girl get splashed by puddle water when a Prius drove past bc she was looking at her iPhone 6 & vaping, what a 2015 experience


i like 2015 so far because it's given me the opportunity to like two different justin bieber songs and i love growing!!!!!!


Trying to make a joke that doesn't offend anyone in 2015


been playing a game of monopoly: 2015 edition for 8 weeks, we're just going around the board, nobody can afford anything


[2000] "why do u want a tattoo?" To express myself, to be an individual [2015] "Why don't u have a tattoo?" To stand out & be an individual


1950: "hey you're cute wanna get a milkshake" 2015: *slides in dms, refuse to text first, Netflix and chill* lol I hate the world


The year is 2015. Every celebrity couple has split up. 7,000,000 people are running for president. Guns have guns. Taylor Swift is our God.


"Yeah, well your dog isn't a rescue, your snacks are processed and everyone knows you're vaccinated" - how a kid talks shit in 2015


"what was life like in 2015 grandma?" "we watched vines & animal videos to numb the pain of daily life, dear"


Draco and the Malfoys look like they about to drop the hottest Wizard Pop track of 2015


cluedo (original): reverend green in the study with the lead pipe cluedo (2015): dapper laughs in the work place with the banter


tweetbot keyword mute pack for feb 2015 "making twitter good again"


A tech company demonstrated a drone that is controlled directly by the user’s brain. It was part of the 2015 What Could Go Wrong? Festival.


I found this photo of your grandpa from 2015. "He was a lumberjack?" He worked in an office. He just dressed like that because he was awful.


How come it's 2015 and there ain't a My Plus-Sized Pony? Kids are gonna grow up with pony issues and whatnot.


In 2015 Columbus would just be another guy on Twitter with a gofundme trying to get to America so he can fuck some cashier who lives in Iowa


I would be more impressed if Back to the Future had predicted that by 2015 we would all be wasting our lives on the internet

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