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    19 Things All '90s Kids Will Do When They're Old

    I can show you the twerk and the Hotline Bling.

    1. We'll revisit summer holiday spots, like Magaluf and Ayia Napa, for old time's sake.


    Boat party, anyone?

    2. And we'll sing iconic songs from a youth not yet forgotten.

    Nyul / Getty Images

    3. When it's our 80th birthday, we won't be afraid to throw down some serious moves.


    Bet you didn't know grandma could do the Hotline Bling, did you?

    4. At Christmas, our inner-hipster will resurface and we'll put glitter in our beards.

    pagliacciphotography / Via Instagram

    5. We will tell our grandchildren that the dress was actually black and blue.


    6. Even though we'll be 80, we will continue to drop bomb-ass selfies.

    My fucking grandmother has more followers then me 😒

    7. We'll tune in for the premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 234, where North has got herself an attitude and put Kim in a nursing home.


    8. We'll continue to meet our friends on a Saturday night and go out to basement house raves.


    House every weekend.

    9. Instead of getting out old photo albums, we'll pull out old Instagram profiles to show our grandchildren pictures from our youth.


    10. We will look back with fondness when recalling how we met our significant other.

    Nyul / Getty Images

    11. Beyoncé will continue to be our inspiration, despite being 113 and still looking 30.

    Ilya S. Savenok / Getty

    This is probably Queen Bey at 113 years of age, after she's sold her soul to remain an immortal queen forever.

    12. No matter the age, we'll definitely still be paying student debt.

    IFC Films

    13. And we'll never be too old to stay up until 4am checking up on all the Facebook gossip and reblogging tasteful nudes on Tumblr.

    Nyul / Getty Images

    14. We'll never stop making fun of people born in the '00s who are still fan-girling over Justin Bieber and One Direction.


    15. We'll continue to host Netflix and chill sessions.


    I haven't forgot my moves.

    16. When we're down, we'll still get out Disney and Pixar movies to cheer ourselves up.

    Ruslanguzov / Getty

    17. We'll always favour emojis over actual words.


    18. Our cheeky Nando's tradition will still be firmly in place.

    MissKelseyX / Via Twitter: @MissKelseyX

    19. And finally, we'll download "85" so much, it'll break the record of "25".


    We got your back, Adele.

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