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    Updated on Nov 1, 2018. Posted on Nov 1, 2018

    Kylie Jenner Just Posted Pregnant Pictures Of Herself From Last Halloween And It's SO CUTE

    Cooking up a Stormi.

    Kylie Jenner looks like she's been having a great time this Halloween. I mean, she's literally had a million costume changes, and all of them slayed.

    First of all, there was the butterfly outfit with baby Stormi, who looked SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE.

    Then there was not one Barbie outfit...

    But two! Kylie wins Halloween for the props in these pictures alone, she really committed.

    Then there was a group costume, where all the Kardashian-Jenners dressed up as Victoria's Secret angels.

    You'd think by this point, Kylie would be done but no no, she did another costume change in dedication to Stormi.

    And finally, after 900 costumes, Kylie ended the Halloween festivities dressed up as a bottle of Fanta.

    I, a person who hates Halloween and dressing up, am exhausted just thinking about one outfit, never mind six!


    But although the outfits were all great, it was her throwback to 2017 that topped them all. You might remember that last year, Kylie was not-so-secretly pregnant and had completely removed herself from the public eye.

    And since Kylie was keeping her pregnancy to herself, we didn't get a glimpse of her Halloween costume. But it turns out that she didn't let being pregnant stop her from dressing like an actual angel.

    If you listen really carefully, you can hear little Stormi shouting "YAS MOMMY, WERK!"

    I guess we all have to step up our Halloween game for 2019.


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