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    There's A Huge Kylie Jenner Debate Going Down On Twitter After It Was Revealed That She's As Rich As Jay-Z

    "Black people have to work twice as hard to get half of what they have."

    People are mad at Kylie Jenner. I mean, of course people are mad at Kylie Jenner. When are they not?

    What for this time? Because she's richer than all of us combined. Confused? Don't worry, I've got you covered.

    So, recently Forbes revealed their 10 richest American celebrities of 2018. Top of the list was George Lucas, who cashed in on Star Wars to boost his net worth to $5.4 billion.

    Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordan followed, all with a net worth over a billion dollars.

    But it was the following names that caused a stir. Tied for fifth place on the list was Jay-Z and, much to the surprise of some, Kylie Jenner. According to Forbes, they both have a net worth of $900m.

    When the list was revealed, Kylie was immediately hit with criticism. One tweet in particular, which has so far amassed more than 21,000 retweets, used an old Chris Rock comedy sketch to explain why they felt the whole thing was ludicrous.

    kylie jenner at 21 networth is the same as jay z at 49, Chris Rock said it better

    In the throwback video, Chris Rock explained that he was one of four black people who lived in his neighbourhood, the others being Mary J Blige, Jay-Z, and Eddie Murphy. Chris then pointed out that to live in that neighbourhood, all of them had to be one of the greatest in their respective fields. Meanwhile, their white neighbour was a dentist.

    "I had to make miracles happen to get that house. I had to host the Oscars to get that house," Chris exclaimed. "Do you know what a black dentist would have to do to move into my neighbourhood? He'd have to invent teeth!"

    This sentiment was echoed around Twitter by other people who felt the same way, noting how far Jay has come and how long it has taken him in comparison to Kylie's journey, which has been far shorter.

    However, it didn't take long for people to begin defending Kylie, and soon enough, a whole debate had started. Many argued back that although Kylie was born into a rich family, she should still be admired for what she's achieved.

    With others pointing out that the net worth of her siblings doesn't come close to rivalling hers.

    Others said that it was an unfair comparison since both are from different generations, and that a better comparison would be when Blue Ivy is Kylie's age.

    Someone else pointed out that the problem was seeing the whole thing as some kind of competition.

    Either way, I'm sure both Jay and Kylie are very happy when they look at their bank accounts.

    But what are your thoughts on the drama? πŸ‘€