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    Posted on Jun 28, 2018

    Here's What We Learned About Kylie Jenner From Her Latest Makeup Tutorial

    She got real about the competition between her and Kim, when she'll let Stormi wear makeup, and everything in between.

    Kylie Jenner is the latest addition to the Vogue "Beauty Secrets" series on YouTube, and while she was doing her tutorial, she revealed a couple of ~secrets~ you might not have known about her before...

    1. First of all, Kylie says that her and Kim "do not compete" when it comes to their makeup brands, and that they "enjoy each other's stuff".

    2. Kylie has always been into makeup since she was little. However, while Kris always let her wear it, Caitlyn was more strict.

    3. When Kylie was insecure about her lips, she turned to makeup to help her feel more confident.

    4. Although Kylie says she’ll definitely let Stormi wear makeup, she hasn’t thought about when she’ll let her try it.

    5. On a family trip to Disney World, Kris once mistook her black eyeliner for lip liner. Kylie says that she thinks Kourtney found the result so funny she "peed her pants".

    6. Kylie's best friend, Jordyn Woods, used to do her eyebrows because Kylie couldn’t do them herself.

    7. As well as being the brow queen and Kylie's housemate, Kylie also uses Jordyn to test out new products for Kylie Cosmetics.

    8. Kylie had been bugging Kris about creating the Lip Kits for years before Kylie Cosmetics was a thing. Kris told Kylie that if she wanted to make it happen, she needed to "put up [her] own money".

    9. The day after the launch of the Lip Kits, Kylie changed the name of the official Instagram to Kylie Cosmetics.

    10. And finally, Kylie described it as "the best feeling in the world" when Kylie Cosmetics took off, especially considering Kendall had been around the world modelling and Kylie hadn't found her ~thing~ yet.

    You can watch the full video here:

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