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    People Are Loving Kim Kardashian's Hilarious Response To Someone Saying She Makes Everything About Herself

    Consistency people, consistency!

    Kim Kardashian is hardly a shrinking violet when it comes to clapping back and responding to haters online. In fact, she does it quite often.

    So you'll probably be somewhat surprised to hear that Kim's decided to stop doing that and instead has chosen to live a quiet life where she pays her haters no mind. Also the sky is green and pigs are flying — who knew?!

    Yep, as you can probably guess that was all a lie and when someone recently tweeted Kim to give their opinion of her, Kim wasted no time in replying. The tweet in question was in response to Kim talking about expecting her third child when she was asked about her reaction to Kylie being pregnant.

    Kim waited a whole 120 seconds before responding and it was actually hilarious.

    Always! Consistency is key 🔑

    Fans thought the whole thing was incredible.

    @KimKardashian Kskakwkqkwkw BYE KIMBERLY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    @KimKardashian LMFAAAOOO Kim Kardashian did not carry her family in to being multimillionaires for her to talk about them 😂

    @KimKardashian I know I say everyone is “that bitch” but Kim really is that bitch

    I mean, at least she's honest!