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    Kim Kardashian West Leaking Her Own Baby News Because She Was Drunk Is Very Relatable Content If You Ask Me

    Back in January, rumours swirled that Kim and Kanye were expecting baby number four. But where did those rumours come from? Uhh, Kim herself!

    Kim Kardashian West has hilariously revealed she was to blame when news that she was expecting her fourth child with husband Kanye West leaked earlier this year.

    You might remember that back in January, rumours began swirling that Kim and Kanye were expecting baby number four. The reports claimed that the baby would be born via surrogate (although not the same one who carried Kim and Kanye's third child, Chicago) and was due in "very early May".

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    The news was said to come from "multiple sources", but it turns out the origin of these sources was someone who was very much in the know — none other than Kim herself.


    In a recent clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim, Khloé Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Scott Disick could be seen eating lunch and talking about the iconic Kardashian Christmas Eve party.

    After talking about how much fun the Kardashian kids had in the fake snow, Scott asked how everybody knew about Kim's surrogate. Cut to Kim looking incredibly sheepish and guilty.


    After some teasing from Khloé, Kim confessed she accidentally told people about the baby after getting too drunk at the Christmas Eve party.

    But Kim said she couldn't be upset about it because it was her fault for getting drunk and revealing the secret in the first place.


    Of course, days after Christmas, someone leaked the news to the press, which pushed Kim to confirm the rumours herself in an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, where she also revealed the baby was a boy.

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    And then in May, Kim tweeted that the newest addition to the family, Psalm West, had arrived. So all's well that ends well!

    You can watch the KUWTK clip here:

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