Khloé Kardashian Promoted Weight Loss Products But Admitted To Using A Nutritionist As Well, And It’s Sparked A Huge Debate On Twitter

    "If you have a nutritionist and a personal trainer then what do these shakes add?"

    We're barely more than a week into 2020 and Khloé Kardashian is already being dragged on social media for promoting "harmful" weight loss products.

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    This isn't exactly new ground — Khloé and the rest of her Kardashian/Jenner siblings have faced backlash many times over their choice to promote products like meal replacement shakes and appetite-suppressing lollipops.

    However, this time around, Khloé took a slightly different route in promoting the products, admitting to using a personal trainer and nutritionist in the ad before promising that "these shakes work".

    #ad Ok... I’ve posted with @flattummyco’s Shakes in the past and YES, I also use a personal trainer and nutritionist, but THESE SHAKES WORK to help get your tummy back to flat. Trust me you guys… Go get 25% off the same Shakes I drink 💕

    In the past, Khloé has been criticised for promoting weight loss products but not acknowledging the benefits of her wealth and privilege, such as having a personal trainer and nutritionist.

    It was fair to say that some people were just a little confused about the post and they weren't exactly shy about voicing it.

    @khloekardashian @FlatTummyCo “Trust me” “these shakes work” “same shakes i drink” “but i also use a personal trainer & nutritionist”. Nothing adds up... how can u even tell it’s the shakes, when it’s probs the trainer and nutritionist anyway?! Report back after doing JUST the shakes for a few months 🙄

    @khloekardashian @FlatTummyCo if you have a nutritionist and a personal trainer then what do these shakes add?

    Others criticised Khloé for promoting what they called a "harmful" weight loss product that "contributes to eating disorder culture".

    @khloekardashian @FlatTummyCo How do you feel about contributing to eating disorder culture? What about the girls crying in their bathrooms with diarrhoea because of these products? The people in hospital due to dehydration using these products? People with weakened colons? Gross as fuck

    @khloekardashian @FlatTummyCo THESE SHAKES DO NOT WORK. @khloekardashian please stop the false advertising. This can be very harmful to people who've gone through ED like myself thanks! @FlatTummyCo your product is doing more harm than good.

    Some went as far as to question why Khloé and the Kardashians don't feel the need to "publicise charity" but are happy to promote an "unhealthy" weight loss product instead.

    @khloekardashian @FlatTummyCo All this is, is a laxative. Promoting these products is disgusting, they are so unhealthy and push the idea that being skinny is essential. Aside from that, people are literally dying. Apparently you and your fam don't publicise "charity", but can publicise this?

    @khloekardashian @FlatTummyCo You say don’t publicise all the good thing you guys do but you publicise your toxic skinny tea ad. Just literally stop. We get it you don’t care about us.

    In fact, one look at the responses to Khloé's tweet showed that the criticism was basically endless.

    @khloekardashian @FlatTummyCo No disclaimer will hide the fact that you’re still pushing laxatives and unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards on your impressionable audience

    @khloekardashian @FlatTummyCo this is such a harmful narrative to continue to push onto other women. Consider breaking the cycle.Your impact make waves. Imagine if you encouraged women to love their bodies as is without the need for “flat tummies”.

    @khloekardashian @FlatTummyCo Gross. You have a social responsibility to millions of impressionable little girls and boys, teenagers, and men and women. You keep failing them by doing this irresponsible shite. And you don't need the money, so stop because such a morally bankrupt person.

    Khloé has yet to comment on the backlash. However, days before her tweet, she posted a picture from the gym and used her caption to promote taking "baby steps" when it comes to health and fitness.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to reps of Khloé for comment.

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