Kendall Jenner's Response To Khloé Kardashian's Compliment About Her New Hair Is Savage

    Celebrity siblings are really just like us!

    In case you missed the ~dramatic~ news, allow me to be the one to tell you that Kendall Jenner, who is famously brunette, has dyed her hair blonde.

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    Kendall unveiled the new hair during London Fashion Walk, debuting it while closing the show for Burberry.

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    Responding to a fan about the switch-up, Kendall said the change was "so scary but fun", adding: "Gotta take yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes."

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    Of course, Kendall isn't the only Kardashian/Jenner sister with blonde locks at the moment — Khloé has been living her blonde ambition for quite some time now.

    And this wasn't lost on fans, with one excitedly tweeting Khloé for her opinion on Kendall's new 'do.

    @khloekardashian Out of topic but can we talk about this: HOW GORGEOUS KENNY LOOKS WITH BLOND HAIR? omg i can’t!!!! 😍 #TwistedSisters

    Khloé was pretty diplomatic about it, saying that of course Kendall looked perfect either way. On the subject of being blonde, Khlo added: "now she looks exactly like me."

    She’s so perfect either way!!!!!! I mean now she looks exactly like me #TwistedSisters

    But Kendall saw the opportunity to do what siblings do best and jokingly responded with a hilarious drag. Sometimes all you need is three words!

    you wish bitch

    Ahhh, siblings — they're just like us!

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