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    Katy Perry Has A Secret Talent That's So Gross, It's Actually Kinda Fascinating


    By now you'll probably know that Katy Perry is a judge on the new season of American Idol. Wig.

    But what you might not know is that Katy actually has a secret talent that is... well, it's a lot. Allow me to explain.

    It all started when a contestant said that his hidden talent was being able to quote Mean Girls from start to finish.

    So, since the contestant owned up to his secret talent, Katy decided to do the same and reveal that she can look like a frog.

    And since everybody was pretty confused, Katy showed us what she meant.

    I don't want to be dramatic but I screamed "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING" at the top of my lungs. I was literally this guy.

    I am SHOOK. Like, I'm so grossed out but also weirdly fascinated?

    And from side-on I'm just terrified.

    I haven't even edited this picture, this is just a standard screenshot. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!?!?!?

    Lionel, who is clearly both curious and terrified, is basically all of us right now.

    I think I need to lie down, but if you want to watch the full clip for yourself, you can do so here:

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