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22 Things That Will Happen In 2020 When Kim Kardashian Becomes First Lady

National Selfie Day > Christmas.

1. She would make sure she got an official first lady portrait.


2. This portrait would be a bomb-ass belfie.

3. National Selfie Day would be a legit thing and it would be bigger than Christmas.


4. Kim would wear some of the best outfits to state dinners, like this.

5. And this.

6. There's every possibility she'd be the only first lady to ever show up to the inauguration in a latex dress.

7. She would recommission Keeping Up With the Kardashians and rename it Keeping Up With the First Lady.


8. Or Kanye & Kim Take the White House.

9. There would be an entire episode dedicated to Kim's struggle to move her entire wardrobe into the White House.


10. She would implement numerous projects to help disadvantaged youth across the nation, such as how to take the best selfie and live your best life.

11. And how to be a mother to one of the sassiest children in the world.

12. She would have the best smize and pout of any first lady.

13. Her mobile game would instantly update and you'd be best friends with the first lady, NBD.

14. She'd wear outfits like this to prove how patriotic she is of the country she'd basically run.

15. She would teach young women valuable life lessons.


16. She would do another selfie book to document her term as first lady.


17. This would include an impromptu photo shoot at the president's desk.

Connor Toole and Alec MacDonald / Via

18. She wouldn't want to replicate her past musical regrets, so instead of singing it, she'd caption a selfie of Kanye on his birthday with: "Happy birthday, Mr President."


We wouldn't want a "Jam" 2.0 so this is the best option.

19. She would buy everyone on the White House staff Bentleys for Christmas.


20. She would use emojis in all official first lady press releases.


21. She would make sure every woman always had a spare pair of diamond earrings.


Just in case they were recklessly thrown into the ocean and lost a diamond earring.

22. And finally, she would send motivational and inspiring tweets out to not only America, but the entire world.

kowabunga dudettes. i'm so pumped to be on this surfing kick. who else surfs out there? gnarly day in the h2o. ridin waves!

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