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Kaley Cuoco Got Real About Her "Feud" With Margot Robbie After Reports Claimed They "Refused" To Be Onstage Together

There's room for two Harley Quinns after all!

Kaley Cuoco is setting the record straight on her supposed "feud" with Margot Robbie and even she seems a little bemused by it all.

For those who don't know, both Kaley and Margot play different versions of DC diamond and superhero/villain, Harley Quinn.

However, it was rumoured that Margot was actually approached to voice the animated character first, something that showrunner Justin Halpern acknowledged in an interview earlier this year.

This did little to help ensuing rumours that Margot and Kaley weren't exactly seeing eye to eye, with reports claiming they were "trash talking" behind the scenes and point-blank refusing to partake in a Comic-Con event together.

At the time, Kaley posted screenshots of the rumours on her Instagram story and simply captioned the picture: "LOL."

But, in a recent interview with friend David Spade, Kaley shut down the rumours once and for all, revealing that the pair have never even met.

Kaley went on to directly address the Comic-Con rumours, pointing out that neither of the actors was even at the event.

And after Kaley called Margot "so cute", she appeared to agree with David's theory that the pair would get along because "she seems like a very light person, very fun, easy to deal with, and sort of treats showbiz like fun".

So, yeah, no feud to speak of here! You can read Kaley's full interview with David Spade here.