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18 Problems All People Who Stay Up Late Will Understand

I ~will~ have an early night tomorrow.

1. You probably have a million and one important things to do but you just sit and watch reruns instead.

20th Television

2. You start planning how you're going to make your life better.

Walt Disney

You're gonna start going to the gym and actually find a job you love and you're gonna travel the world.

3. But this leads you into thinking way too much.

FremantleMedia Enterprises

4. And your feels think it's time to make their presence known.

20th Century Fox

5. You're just as likely to text your crush something dumb as you are when you're drunk.


6. You expect that you'll be up all night receiving cute texts because they do this in the movies.

7. In reality, nobody's awake to talk to.


8. The only person you have for company is the sign language translator on the TV.

9. You tell yourself you'll definitely go to bed in 10 minutes.

True Entertainment

10. It gets so late that you start to hear noises and think you're about to get butchered by Freddy Krueger.

Walt Disney

11. In the morning, there's nothing but regret for staying up so late.

20th Television

12. You refuse to listen to your alarm because nothing can be as important today as sleep.

Walt Disney

13. And everybody seems out to purposefully annoy the living fuck out of you.


Does this face look like someone who wants to be bothered with your shit today?

14. You'll be too tired to follow through on those plans you were thinking of to give yourself a better life.

Walt Disney

15. You look like death on a plate for the entire day because you just want your bed.

Walt Disney

16. You swear you'll have an early night because you refuse to go through this hell again.

Buena Vista Television

17. You get into bed and you're not really tired but it doesn't matter because you're going to force yourself to go to sleep early tonight.


18. It's 3am and you're still awake. Fuck it.


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