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26 Things You'll Just Get If You've Ever Been Heartbroken

*Cue never-ending tears*

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1. Getting your heart broken sucks more than anything could suck ever.

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2. At the beginning, there's a lot of confusing questions, which obviously help the situation.


3. Like, "Why?"


4. And the worst mind-fuck; "What did I do wrong?"

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5. You'll probably have a million scenarios running around in your head, and each one is slightly worse than the one before.

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6. Did they meet somebody else?


7. Was I not good enough?


8. *Cue what feels like never-ending tears*

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9. When you've had your heart broken, it's difficult to imagine wanting anybody else.

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10. And you're sure you'll never be able to trust anybody the same way you trusted the person that did it.

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11. You try to delete their number, vowing to move on.


12. But even after you do, you can still remember it off by heart.

I haven't had my ex's number in my phone for almost a year, but I needed to talk to him, and I realized I still know his # by heart. Wtf

Great work, memory. Couldn't help me pass my maths exams in school though, could you?

13. You find yourself saying you'll never talk about them, but somehow when you're with your friends, that person is the only thing you can talk about.

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It's OK, they're your friends and they understand.

14. You will definitely overthink what they're doing while you're sobbing into your pillows and stuffing your face with ice cream.


15. You'll get to a point when you think you're definitely 100% over them.


16. You'll think you're so over them that you'll play Beyoncé "Irreplaceable" and sing along with some serious sass.

im not fronting if someone ever cheated on me i'd show up at their doorstep with a stereo and a girl squad singing irreplaceable by beyonce

17. But then you'll forget that the next song on the album is "Resentment" and oh fuck, I love you again.

Beyonce always singing about heartbreak... bitch you married to damn near the wealthiest man in hip-hop. no heartbreak in that.

Fuck you Bey, I was relying on you.

18. There's no timeframe for how long a heartbreak lasts. Unfortunately, you have to let it run its course.


19. But one thing you can be sure of? Everything will be OK.

Which is such a fucking cliché but at this point, it's what you need to hear.

Which is such a fucking cliché but at this point, it's what you need to hear.

20. In time you'll be able to look back and smile about what you had.

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21. Although you probably won't because when you've had your heart broken, one of the only things you can think is, "What the fucking fuck was I thinking?"


22. But maybe you'll be able to look back and smile about what you learnt instead.

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23. Or you'll be able to look at what you've learnt, disregard it completely, and make the same mistake again.

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24. But it's OK because ~eventually~ you'll find someone just for you.

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25. And if you don't, there's always cats and dogs, who will never ever break your heart.

so done w boys, brb gonna go marry my dog

26. So basically fuck love, get a dog.

Cute puppies forever.
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Cute puppies forever.