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    Everyone Is Mercilessly Trolling JK Rowling With Hilarious Harry Potter Tweets

    Important information — the sorting hat had a penis, apparently...

    JK Rowling is most well-known for being the queen who wrote the Harry Potter books. Even to this day, we bow down to her talents.

    But she's also pretty well known for revealing intricate details about said books on Twitter more than 10 years after the last installment to the series was published. For example, back in 2007, she revealed that she "always thought Dumbledore was gay", something fans had speculated about but was never mentioned in the books.

    Some of the other things Rowling has revealed on Twitter include the fact that Hagrid couldn't produce a Patronus, Fred Weasley was born before George Weasley, and that Lupin's son Teddy ended up being Head Boy of Hufflepuff.

    But if you've been anywhere near Twitter recently, you might've noticed a new meme has been born. It basically involves people mercilessly trolling Rowling by revealing details of their own. Well, you can imagine how wild they're getting...

    Poor Dobby seems to be getting the brunt of the meme.

    anyone: jk rowling: dobby assassinated princess diana

    This is not what Dobby deserves.

    No one: JK Rowling: Dudley got syphilis from Dobby and died at 26

    There's a lot of talk about penises.

    No one: JK Rowling: Dobby has a 10 inch cock

    Including those of inanimate objects you wouldn't expect to have a penis.

    no one: jk rowling: the sorting hat’s penis rests on ur forehead when u wear it

    Hagrid didn't get away from the meme without a burn or two either.

    No one: JK Rowling: hagrid fucked the spiders

    No one: JK Rowling: this bird is Hagrids father

    Dumbledore was, of course, brought back into the fold.

    JK Rowling: Dumbledore was on Churchill’s war cabinet

    And it turns out he wasn't the only one who was a Hogwarts homosexual.

    Me: JK Rowling: the Whomping Willow was gay

    Even Buckbeak. Nobody is safe.

    me: jk rowling: buckbeak is into light choking but hasn’t found the right partner

    A little too real but I now fully subscribe to this fan theory.

    me: jk rowling: ron spent all 7 years at hogwarts fantasizing about a loyal unique imaginary best friend named “Harry Potter” as a way to cope with an unbearably plain life as a regular kid who wasnt super good or bad at school, who wasnt popular but wasnt an outcast either

    But most importantly, I want a "Shaggy goes to Hogwarts" spin-off immediately.

    no one: jk rowling: shaggy went to hogwarts

    All that's left to say is, Queen JK Rowling if you're reading this, can you confirm or deny any of these details? Thanks in advance!