Jeffree Star's New House Is So Big, It Took A Whole Team Of People An Hour To Find His Lost Phone

    "In a house this big, you're gonna have to turn your 'Find My Friends' on for one person you trust."

    In case you missed the ~breaking news~, Jeffree Star has just moved into a brand-new house. Except you can't really call it a house because it's basically a castle/hotel/small village all rolled into one.

    If you've ever fancied a glimpse at how the other half lives, Jeffree just treated fans to a 36-minute tour of every nook, cranny, and cinema room the house has to offer. So without further ado...


    Of course, a fancy house isn't really a fancy house if it doesn't have a double staircase. Life-size floral arrangement imprinted with your brand's logo is optional but a nice touch.

    You also need a kitchen that has no fewer than four fridges.

    A glass elevator to reach all three floors is also very handy. Stairs can be such an inconvenience!

    Fancy houses always have hidden doors that lead to god-knows-where, and Jeffree's castle is no exception. Take this one for example, which reveals a set of stairs...

    ...that goes down into his very own temperature-controlled wine cellar.

    Jeffree joked that he was going to turn this into a weed cellar because when you're rich in LA you can actually do that.

    Multi-storey gym? Check.

    The gym has its own changing rooms and showers. It is also connected to room that is dedicated to massages and facials because why not?

    A cinema room, complete with pinball and popcorn machines, a starry sky, and its very own bar? Obviously.

    Toilets that open by themselves and have multiple cleaning functions that'll leave your butt "sparkling"? Of course!

    Let's not even get started on the master suite that has its very own living room and multiple walk-in closets.

    It also has a shower that's the size of the average bedroom and can be reached by two different doors.

    The estate even comes with an empty external property that Jeffree plans on turning into a "beauty bar", fit with a nail and hair salon.

    To put into perspective how big this house is, Jeffree put his phone down at one point but forgot where.

    It took a team of people an entire hour to find the phone because when you live in a literal castle, these things happen.

    Jeffree's friend Ryland suggested that Jeffree might need to turn on the "Find My Friends" app in case of emergencies...

    In a house this big, it's probably necessary.

    I don't quite know how to sum up what I just saw, so let me allow Shane Dawson to have the final word.

    You can watch the full video for yourself here.

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