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Jason Momoa Is Being Body-Shamed Because He Doesn't Have Abs Anymore

"I have no confidence in myself anymore. Stop body shaming!"

Fans are jumping to Jason Momoa's defence after he was body-shamed on social media for not having a six-pack.

The Aquaman and Justice League actor has been enjoying time in Europe with his wife, Lisa Bonet, and their children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf.

However, when topless pictures of Momoa beside a swimming pool in Venice were uploaded to the internet, a body-shaming debate was sparked. And people started drawing comparisons to Momoa's physique while filming Aquaman.

In the Instagram comments of the picture, one person could be seen asking "What happened to his abs?" alongside a crying emoji. Another said: "This is what it looks like when he lets himself go."

In another comments section, somebody else suggested Momoa needed to "start lifting" again.

It wasn't long before people rushed to Momoa's defence.

Waking up to Jason Momoa trending due to him being body shamed....hold my purse while I jump on my dragon....

People were confused, especially considering that Momoa is clearly still in great shape, and called for an end to body-shaming.

Hey, if you ever feel bad about your body, just remember that even Jason Momoa gets body shamed so yeah society has no clue what’s its fucking talking about jfc

Even Jason Momoa is being body shamed. Jason Momoa! They called the man who plays Khal Drogo in GoT & Arthur Curry in Aquaman fat. I have no confidence in myself anymore. Stop body shaming!

ok seeing jason momoa be body shamed is so fucking frustrating like thats the last thing i expected to see today especially after all the good things hes done for this stupid world. go look in the mirror n youll see who the true shameful one is. so fucking disrespectful

BuzzFeed has reached out to representatives of Momoa for comment.