James Charles Was Asked If He Thought People Should "Overlook" Shane Dawson's Past Behaviour And Here Was His Response

    "I think it should always be looked at on a case-by-case basis."

    Despite the latest YouTube drama dragging his name back into the frame, James Charles has so far remained tight-lipped about what's going on right now, and that doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon.

    In case you missed it, last week Tati Westbrook dropped a bombshell video where she retracted her previous comments about James, and claimed Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star had been the "driving forces" behind her speaking out against him last year.

    "I made [the 'Bye Sister' video] as a result of all the poisonous lies fed to me by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star," Tati claimed. "James, I am so sorry I allowed myself to be poisoned and weaponised against you."

    Despite Shane previously denying that he had anything to do with the video, Tati went on to allege that he had not only known about it in advance, but also offered to help edit, title and design a thumbnail.

    Tati's video followed widespread criticism and backlash aimed at Shane after past videos resurfaced on social media.

    Aside from a very brief Instagram Live, Shane has yet to respond to Tati's video and accusations. Jeffree and James have also remained silent on the subject on their social media platforms.

    Shane Dawson freaking over Tati’s new video on IG Live

    However, in an awkward encounter with paparazzi while waiting for food on Sunday, James was asked for his thoughts on the video.

    I always get paparazzi’d at the worst times lmaooo it’s 97 degrees out and I’m literally wearing hoodie and sweats melting while waiting in line at a food truck 💀

    "Who knows?" James responded when asked why there was always so much drama in the YouTube beauty community. "I'm just staying out of it, minding my own business. I just moved into a beautiful new house. I have great friends around me."

    When he was explicitly asked about Shane, James quickly tried to shut the question down, saying: "I don’t wanna talk about anything in relation to him."

    However, after being asked if Shane's previous behaviour should be excused or overlooked, James said: "I think it should always be looked at on a case-by-case basis and make sure that people are changing actively."

    Since Tati's video, people following the drama have wondered if and when one of the people involved will upload a video of their own. But, so far, their YouTube channels have remained silent on the matter. It remains to be seen if this will change.

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