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    Jaden Smith Tricked His Dad Into Taking Him To London So He Could Drink On His Birthday

    "I'll have a tequila."

    Jaden Smith, profound tweeter and all-around cool kid, turned 18 at the beginning of July.


    But his dad (you know, that kinda famous guy called Will Smith) recently explained how Jaden played the ultimate trick on him by inviting the family to London for his birthday.

    When they got to the restaurant, Jaden decided to celebrate his birthday in style.

    Now remember: Jaden is only 18, which means he can't legally drink alcohol in the US yet.


    But since it was such an important birthday, Jaden had come up with a genius plan.



    Alas, Will was quick on his feet and came up with an excuse.


    Better luck next time, Jaden.

    You can watch the story in full here.

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